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Welcome to the PopSmartKids Academy!

Over 100 creative kids across the world have become writers in our program.

This is where the magic happens.

Our classes and workshops are carefully tailored and curated to meet the needs of children of every age.  We believe there is an author in every child.  Our program is built to inspire the most reluctant writer to write their best story.

Along with improving their writing skills, your child will learn how to collaborate, critically think about their ideas and share them.

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How It Works!



Your child joins the creative group via zoom and explores mutliple ideas to start their story. Your child gets to learn about their friends in the group and their shared passion of books, movies or games.



Your child is supported by the other members of their group while they develop the story. During this process they add details to the story while they collaboratively learn the techniques of good storytelling.



Your child goes deeper into the storytelling process and learns to embellish their story with specific elements that hooks the reader. With guidance from the tutors your child completes their story.



Your child gets to share their own story while appreciating and celebrating each other for being successful authors. They feel proud of their accomplishment and create a bond with their fellow writers.

Have you ever met a kid who doesn't like stories?

No matter what stories excite your child they are all excellent storytellers.



Bugs and Animals



Magcial and Mythical



Science Fiction


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